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Booster Max R129

ISOFIX Backless Booster Car Seat


From 137 to 150cm (approx. 7 to 12 years) 

New! Sale Best Seller

Booster Max R129

ISOFIX Backless Booster Car Seat


From 137 to 150cm (approx. 7 to 12 years) 


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Safety to the max

Keep them loving every ride all the way up with Booster Max R129. This mighty backless booster meets the EU’s R129 safety standards and includes one-click ISOFIX connectors that keep the car seat safely fixed in place — even when your growing child isn’t along for the ride. The plush, premium-padded cushioned seat and soft-to-the-touch armrests ensure that every journey is a pleasant one.

All The Features You Will Love

Little girl sitting in Graco Booster Max R129 ISOFIX backless booster while putting on sunglasses and smiling with R129 certified logo

Safety above all else

This backless booster meets the EU’s latest and greatest R129 safety standards. This means that Booster Max R129 has undergone more extensive testing to ensure your big kid is safe on every adventure.

Graco Booster Max R129 backless booster profile angle ISOFIX extended.

One click for additional safety

Booster Max R129 comes with colour-coded ISOFIX connectors for additional peace of mind. Although your vehicle’s seat belt is the main installation method for this backless booster, the ISOFIX connectors provide additional security and ensure the car seat stays in place even when it is not being used.

Little girl placing Graco Booster Max R129 ISOFIX backless booster the vehicle while her mum watches behind her

Pick up and go

At only 2.7kg, you can easily move this backless booster between vehicles for hassle-free journeys.

Little girl pressing on the premium padded seat of Graco Booster Max R129 ISOFIX backless booster car seat

Extra comfy

Booster Max R129’s premium padded seat delivers the perfect level of comfort on each and every ride.

Installation Video

Is Booster Max R129 Right for Me?


Designed for those parents who are looking for additional peace of mind for the last stage of car seat use, Booster Max R129 is Graco’s first backless booster with one-click ISOFIX connectors. While you still use the vehicle’s seat belt as the main installation method, the ISOFIX connectors provide extra protection to all other riders by ensuring the car seat stays in place and doesn’t become a projectile when not in use. Booster Max R129 also meets the EU’s latest R129 safety standards.


This backless booster will keep big kids from 137 to 150cm nice and comfy thanks to the premium padded seat and padded armrests. Additionally, the 2 retractable cupholders keep any drinks and snacks close by. Weighing only 2.7kg, your growing child will have no problem moving it between various vehicles. And if any spills happen, simply remove the car seat’s covers, and toss them into your washing machine for a fresh and clean ride.

All Features

- R129 certified
- Colour-coded ISOFIX connectors for extra safety


Ease of Use
- Lightweight at only 2.7kg, making it easy to move between vehicles for hassle-free journeys
- Machine-washable covers for easier cleanups


Child Comfort
- Premium padded seat delivers the perfect level of comfort on each and every ride
- Padded armrests keep your big kid riding comfortably
- 2 retractable cupholders keep drinks, gadgets and goodies right within reach
- Forward-facing backless booster mode from 137 to 150cm (approx. 7 to 12 years)

Product Length
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Package Includes

(1) Booster Max R129 ISOFIX backless booster

(1) instruction manual


What EU safety standards does Booster Max R129 meet?
There are currently 2 different car seat standards in the EU: R44 and R129. R44 (legally known as ECE R44/04) car seats are divided into groups based on weight, with some covering multiple groups.


Booster Max R129 meets the new R129 (legally known as ECE R129) standards. You can learn more about car seat standards and help figure out which car seat is right for you in our car seat buying guide.


What is the purpose of the ISOFIX connectors on Booster Max R129?
The ISOFIX connectors act as an additional safety measure. Your vehicle belt will always be the main installation method for Booster Max R129, but the ISOFIX connectors ensure the car seat stays in place even if no one is riding in it. The handy colour-coded indicators confirm when the backless booster is connected correctly to your vehicle.


How much does Booster Max R129 weigh?
Weighing only 2.7kg, Booster Max R129 is easy to move between various vehicles.


Can I machine wash Booster Max R129’s seat cover?
Yes, you can wash the cover in your washing machine with cold water only on the delicate cycle. Drip dry and do not use bleach.


What is the maximum height and age for Booster Max R129?
This car seat can be used until your little one is your big one, up to 150cm or approximately 12 years of age.

Recommended Use

This car seat is suitable from 137 to 150cm (approx. 7 to 12 years)


Secure your child in the car seat using the vehicle's 3-point retractor safety belt.


Suitable for use with ISOFIX connectors as a secondary safety and stability measure. Always to be used in conjunction with the vehicle's 3-point safety belt for correct installation.

Care & Maintenance

To wash the covers: machine wash in cold water only on delicate cycle 30 degrees and drip dry. Do not use bleach.


Metal and plastic parts: clean with mild soap and cool water. No bleach or detergents.


From time to time, check your booster seat for worn parts, torn material and stitching. If damage is found, do not try to modify the booster seat. Contact Graco Customer Service for advice on replacement or repair.

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